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Why we should ALL worry about OnlyFans stopping porn

The announcement this week of popular London-based tech company OnlyFans banning all sexually explicit content as of October 2021 is a HUGE deal, and something that ought to concern us ALL – especially when we consider the ‘why?’

Why I distrust British Police and their obsession with data collection.

My concerns about how the PND is used… and what the solution to it is. Advertised as an example of what policing ought to look like and hailed to the world as ‘the very best’ – British police have a proud history, and indeed, the fact we have a majority of officers not carrying firearms,…

The inequity of the Employment Tribunal system

Rampant cuts to legal aid, an inability to establish oneself as an ‘employee’ until 2 years service and a clash between generation and culture has led to the inevitable: an Employment Tribunal system that’s dated, unfit for purpose, inaccessible in effect and a minefield to navigate, which inevitably leads to the met objectives of over…