Sabbir Malik

MA – Human Rights (UCL)

BA (Hons) – Development Studies with Social Policy

The Injustice Blog

We learn of Pythagorus’ theorem, how to throw a shot-put and what the inside of leaf cell looks like. Yet, when we leave school, why is there an absence of knowledge in things that are essential and by which we’re expected to live our lives? – How to apply for social welfare, what the contract is between the state and us, why voting is important and of course… understanding our civil liberties and rights.

Turning a blind-eye to these things has led to a destruction of our country without us even realising. Press headlines like “bloody immigrants STEALING your jobs”, “legal-aid paid to SERIAL RAPISTS”, “YOUR taxes used to pay for a 10 bedroom council house to feed an unemployed mother of 20!”. This misinformation campaign has led, literally, to people voting against their very own interests to the demise of social justice for the benefit of the upper 2%.

Twice, I was arrested by the Metropolitan Police Service, unlawfully, for things I did not do. This was when I came face to face with injustice. Equipped with no knowledge of what I need to do and how to get justice, I was left clueless, traumatised and without any recourse. Eventually, I found a lawyer, did take legal action against the Met and managed to secure a five figure settlement, apology and promise by the Met to removal all of my data.

Since, I used the money to pay for my Master’s studies at UCL where I read Human Rights. I’m now extremely passionate about social justice, liberties, fighting for the rights of the ‘bottom’ of society and working towards a more prosperous and fairer society for all.

My areas of interest include:

  • Employment Rights
  • Disability Rights
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Policing and Accountability
  • The Welfare State
  • Racism and Diversity

among other things

I occasionally invite guest articles from those I feel can contribute towards discourse surrounding social justice. If you’re interested in expressing your views, please get in touch.

All views expressed on this blog, unless stated otherwise, are solely my own and not affiliated with any organisation (past or present) I am associated with.